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Summer Camps

Period: July-August

Age: 8-17 years

Type: residential

These programmes are located in outstanding campuses in the UK countryside and offer the choice to study 15-20-22 or 25 hours of English lessons per week, followed by various sports and activities. 

Most of these colleges offer the option of sitting the PET, CAT, FC or IELTS exams at the end of the course.


Period: July-August

Age: 8-17 years

Type: residential

These programmes are available for students who already have a good knowledge of the English language and wish to improve it. The courses follow the academic programme of an English boarding school, with 15 hours of general English lessons per week and 10 hours of academic subjects such as maths, science, history, arts, geography, technology etc, followed by practice of typical English sports as cricket, tennis, rugby, netball and football. 



Period: July- August

Age: 15-18 years

Type: residential

For these courses is request a good level of English.

These courses are 2 or 4 weeks long and specialize in different subjects like: Businnes Study, Film Academy, Engeneering Preparation, Medical school preparation,Computer science, IELTS preparation, SAT preparation, Global leadership programme.

Such courses are perfect for students aiming at studying IB or joining UK Universities.


Period: June-July-August

Age: 4 to 17 years

Type: non residential

This is the perfect choice for the little ones staying in London with their families.

We offer half day programmes of English lessons for children, full day programmes of English lessons followed by sports and activities, or sports and activities camps for English children (such as tennis, horse-riding, golf, art, drama, football etc) without English lessons. We can recommend estate agents for short term lettings in London.


Period: all year

Age: 18+ years

Type: residential and non residential

These are general English programmes, part-time, semi-intensive or super intensive programmes, preparation for examinations Cambridge or IELTS, English for business and professional people, one to one and one to two programmes.

We can recommend estate agents for short and long lettings in London.


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